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Home > News archive of april 2011 - TOP SPORTS BETTING SITES -
Backgammon tournaments
More and more casinos organize backgammon tournaments. These tournaments are compiled of match games. If you win a match game, then you are through to the next round. Just like with grand-slam tennis. If there are not enough participants to fill the sheet, then some players will receive a ‘bye’ which means they don’t have to play the round.

The amount of points win increases with the rounds. This means that you might play for 9 points in the first round, 11 points in the quarter finals, 13 points in the semi-finals and 17 points in the finals. If you lose your rounds, then you might want to take part in the consolidation, the ‘losers’ tournaments, where you can also win prizes. Most tournaments have very strict rules. These rules are based on etiquette and the unwritten rules that come with every game. The tournament rules are usually based on the general rules of backgammon.
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