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Home > Champion’s League Men’s Volleyball: Tours beats Piacenza
Champion’s League Men’s Volleyball: Tours beats Piacenza
The new season of the Champion’s League is balanced for the champion of France, Tours Volley-Ball. The team got indeed its second successive victory on Wednesday evening, by winning against Piacenza, one of the greatest Italian teams, by five sets (25-19, 27-29, 25-13, 22-25 and 15-10).

Those who have bet on TVB in platforms of online betting are proud of their team. TVB took the lead by the beginning of the match, by offering itself the first set.

But the continuation wasn’t restful because the visitors have showed a beautiful game and have won the second set. Very efficient, the Italians have found French’s weaknesses.

Manhandled, Tour has taken the advantage for the first time at 17-16, and has saved several set points before losing ground (27-29).

The continuation is an amazing game, taking the breath away of some fans who have bet on websites of sports betting. Thanks to this success, David Konecny (14 points) and his friends have given back confidence to their team.

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Thursday, 07 November 2013
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