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Home > French Coupe de la Ligue: Monaco beaten by Reims
French Coupe de la Ligue: Monaco beaten by Reims
Decidedly, Reims is an atypical team. Considered by a lot of people as being the Tom Thumb of football in France, Reims showed that this team is able to beat even the biggest teams of the Ligue 1 according to its route of these last times.

On Wednesday evening during the round of 32 of the Coupe de la Ligue, Reims inflicted to Monaco its first defeat of the season (1-0). One month ago, Reims and the same team of Monaco neutralized (1-1), and four days after, it Marseille (3-2), always in League 1.

Even if Monaco, one of the highly-rated teams in websites of sports betting of this moment, hasn’t fielded its stars such as Falcao, Abidal, Ricardo Carvalho as well as Joao Moutinho, it doesn’t take anything in the quality of the game offered by Hubert Fournier’s players.

At home, Reims dominated the first half-time, thanks to Antoine Devaux who scored a goal on a crossed ball from Turan (34th). Monaco changed its game during the second part, but was unable to score any goal.

The entry to game of James Rodriguez has brought freshness but in vain. The next matches of this club will be carefully followed by a large number of online betting enthusiasts.

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Thursday, 07 November 2013
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