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Home > Liga: Real slaughters Seville
Liga: Real slaughters Seville
The score got by the Real of Madrid at the end of the match (7-3) showed the power of Carlo Ancelotti’s players against Sevilla FC. It’s like if the Madrid’s players were boosted by an amazing machine.

The bets for this team in platforms of sports betting are rather numerous. In any case, they have done a remarkable work during the meeting. Gareth Bale scored the first of the match by the 14th minute, by a curling shot of the left, on a service of Karim Benzema.

Then he doubled the lead in the 27th, on a free quick. On a penalty during the first period (32nd), Ronaldo knocked his opponent out before time. But Seville has waked up and scored two goals within 2 minutes: Ivan Ratikic (38th on a penalty) and Carlos Bacca (40th).

Benzema was assailed by doubts during some time before reacting aiming at not being worried any more. Benzema scored the fourth goal of his club, on a counter-attack.

Ivan Ratikic (63rd) added another goal for Real. This evening was fruitful as well for Madrid’s players as for keens of online betting.

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Thursday, 07 November 2013
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