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Home > News archive of september 2014 - TOP SPORTS BETTING SITES
Gambling In Europe
Many people do not realise that some of the first casinos ever invented were in Europe. Most people assume that it must have originated in North America, this isn’t that surprising when you consider the popularity of gambling in the USA. The US has arguably the city that is regarded as the gambling capital of the world being Las Vegas, and then Atlanta City is growing in its gambling stature as well.

However, Europe also has its fair share of gambling with some famous casinos. In fact, there are some European casinos that are regarded as some of the most lavish in the world. Take a look at Monte Carlo for example. This is Netbet casino that is renowned for its casino, in particular because of its high stakes so it tends to attract mostly wealthy people.

Another famous city for gambling in Europe is Monaco. Monaco is regarded as a state for the rich and famous because of its tax haven status. Not only that but it’s also a wildly exotic destination and it has some very glamorous casinos. Eastern Europe also has its fair share of glamorous casinos and is growing in stature for its gambling industry. The Russian Federation in particular has some of the best gambling venues in all of Europe.

Gambling in Europe is just as popular as it is anywhere else in the world. You’ve got your pick from both Eastern and Western European casinos. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time.
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Di Maria Joins United And That Is Just The Beginning
Angel di Maria has just recently joined Manchester United in a record British transfer fee and now the rumours about other players joining him at Old Trafford are going into overdrive. Signing di Maria is massive for United because they desperately need the world class quality that he will bring to the table. Now there are three other players who are being mentioned a lot in the rumour mill.

The three players are Nigel de Jong, Arturo Vidal, and Daley Blind. These three players would be a much needed addition for United as they still desperately need to replenish their squad. The rumours regarding Vidal have gone on for weeks now and quietened down but now they are beginning to take off again. There are strong rumours swirling that van Gaal is going to try one last time to lure him to Old Trafford.

Now that United have been knocked out of the League Cup in humiliating style there are also rumours of a mass exodus of players out of the club. It’s rumoured that there are a number of players that van Gaal has told can leave the club. Some of these players are rumoured to be Danny Wellbeck, Shinji Kagawa, Tom Cleverley, to name a few of them.

For a punter there are some great bets to place for player transfers before the summer transfer window is over. There are some good bets you could place involving the players mentioned above. You could place bets for players to leave Old Trafford and players to stay.
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